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Routing sketches overdefined

Question asked by Ken Lux on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by Frank Ungaro

Since I am a glutton for punishment, I am using pipe routing. (SW2014 SP5.0)


I've been seeing the following issues with pipe routing sketches:

  1. SW says a sketch is overdefined when it obviously isn't. I mean really obviously isn't. For example, parallel intersecting lines are not considered collinear. If I try to define the endpoint of a pipe-stub line segment with some other fixed geometry (e.g., on plane), it will be OK until a top-level-assembly rebuild. Then it will through errors. I've had to resort to dimensioning the end point a tiny distance (0.01 in) from the desired endpoint.
  2. Colinear points cannot be merged sometimes. SW measuring tools says that the lines whose endpoints I'm trying to merge are parallel and intersect, but they cannot be merged.
  3. Some route errors can only be cleared by deleting the route assembly and starting over. I even have one where I deleted all of the segments in the 3D sketch and SW still claims it is overdefined! It doesn't get any more underdefined than having an empty sketch.
  4. Routes that are at one point in time have overdefined 3D sketches the next - without making any changes to the routes.


Is there a setting somewhere that chooses algorithms for determining degrees of freedom? Because whatever it uses doesn't work.


This is in addition to other issues with pipe routing (segments not using the elbow options selected for the segment, covering disappearing randomly - can fix this by splitting the route near any points on the route segment so that an entirely new route segment is formed).