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How to specify distance between holes of 'different types'?

Question asked by Swati Bhargava on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2018 by Dave Bear

I have 2 types of holes (say the following two types):

Hole A: is a tapped hole (threaded)

Hole B: is a simple hole


How can I set the distance between Hole A and Hole B? Solidworks doesn't seem to allow that. 


However it allows to set the distance between two holes if they are of the same type (for example: If both are of type A) (see attached image 2 and image 3).


I click on edit sketch and then click on smart dimension, On doing so, it shows the center point of the holes whose sketch is in edit mode and hence I can just set the distance between holes of same type.


Any idea on how to specify distance between holes of 'different types'?


Thank you for the help!