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2018 Performance Evaluation and Large Assemblies

Discussion created by Matt Peneguy on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by Alin Vargatu

Okay, I unchecked this as a question because it is not.

Has anyone noticed the HUGE improvements in assembly Performance Evaluation in 2018?  If you use large assemblies, you need the new Performance Evaluation. 

My VAR pointed this out to me when I was having trouble opening a large assembly.  As usual, my VAR got to the issue in a matter of about 10 minutes from when they got my files, solving the problem I'd been dealing with for a couple of days in less than an hour.  Good job once again, MLC-Cad!  You can now see in Performance Evaluation the parts that are consuming a lot of resources and their tesselated data, rebuild times, etc. broken down by part.  They've really given a much more fine grained display of where problems may be in your assemblies.  I'm normally a One and Two guy, but I have an old assembly that has a lot of these types of problems and this new Performance Eval is really going to help dealing with it.  Good job SW!

Now, I'm guessing a lot of these Performance Evaluation improvements were due to suggestions from people like Alin Vargatu.  Thanks to all that contributed, I see this being a big help to my workflow.   The only enhancement I'd add is to be able to open part files from the Performance Eval window instead of having to screen grab the part names (I tried saving the part names to a text file and it didn't work).  So, it's almost there, but not quite perfect, yet.

What are some of your thoughts and experiences with Performance Evaluation in 2018?