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Is it normal to not obtain the same number of elements by choosing the same element size using the standard mesh in different runs of the same study for the same geometry?

Question asked by Henrique Barata on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Janko Stellaard

Hi, I was using SW simulation to perform a static study when I noticed something odd. Whenever I run the study again after the model rebuilds without some change in its geometry, just the normal rebuild by entering and exiting a edit feature option, the results of the study change. I also noticed that even if I chose the same element size in the mesh parameters, it is not translating into a mesh always with the same number of elements from one study to another. This is really worrying me but I don´t know if this "same element size-different element number for the same geometry after rebuild" thing is just the normal way of sw simulation to work?


I´m using the standard mesh option and the part is attached to this question.

Thank you.