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    SMTP notifications

    Chad Leman
      We are using EPDM 2009 SP2.0. We rely on notifications to update our suppliers and our internal office of engineering changes. We are having an issue getting PDM to send the emails. What happens is this:

      With the Messaging SMTP option "Login required" CLEARED, the emails go through to our internal domain users, but not anyone with an email outside our domain.

      With the "Login required" SET, and user name and password entered, no one gets any email.

      We have our own Exchange server, I'll admit I am not an Exchange expert.

      What am I doing wrong?
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          Mike Sveda
          Probably need to work with your companies IT guy.

          We cannot send external emails from PDM. Something with our firewall settings and such that cannot be changed for company policies.
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            C R

            I agree with Mike... there could be something in your mail server that blocks outgoing emails to other domains. May be you can try sending email from your mail-client to test that you can actually send out an email outside your domain. Best test is to send an email to whom should your PDM server suppose to send the notification.

            It may also be possible that the receiving email server blocks the mail sent by your PDM, due to some filtering or something.
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              Jeff Sweeney
              Get on the server, and see if you can send email via telnet (Google "SMTP" & "telnet"). If you can, then it is an Enterprise thing. If you cannot then it is either a firewall or other security setting.
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                Andries Koorzen
                Hi Chad. Please see page 167 on the administration guide...

                This is some of what it says...

                Ensure that no anti-virus applications are preventing the SMTP
                messages from being sent. It may be necessary to create exceptions
                for the processes that generate messages:
                . For client (user-to-user) notifications, create exceptions for:
                explorer.exe, inbox.exe
                . For database-server service (automatic) notifications, create an
                exception for: ConisioDbServer.exe