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Is there any way to open huge sized part file with thousands of components ?

Question asked by Hardik Patel on Mar 28, 2018
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I'm working on Solidworks 2014 SP4 with Xeon processor and 32GB memory with 2 GB graphics card. My workstation is capable to do most out of SW. Currently I have a SW part file, which was taken as parasolid (_x_t) file from another software (maybe inventor or so). The part size is around 100MB and as soon as try to open it will take hours of time to open. Then once it opens, its jamming like anything. Then I have tried importing that file as SW assembly file. But no luck. We cannot use speedpack, I have tried large mode assembly, selected all the components in the assembly and make them light-weight and then try to open that assembly as light-weight assembly. Also I have tried opening assembly in resolved mode. But nothing happening in my favour.


My target for this operation is to lighter the SW part file or SW assembly file, so as we can work on it easily. We just need to do some minor changes into it which hardly takes 20-30 hours. But with opening and operating issue with SW, we have already spent more than 100 hours onto it.


Any help will be highly appreciated !!!


Hardik =]