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    large displacement simulation

    Zara Noroozi

      I am modeling the deformation of a sphere made of rubbery material using static simulation. The simulation stops and advise me to turn the "Large Displacement" option on because the shape of the sphere changes under load, but then when I use the large displacement option, the simulation stops and does not converge. Please help me figure this out. I have also attempted to use non-linear option without any luck. I must mention that I setup the simulation on an assembly of the soft sphere  sandwiched between two steel plates. This is to simulate an actual mechanical stress test. 

      Please help me figure this out!


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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Zara,

          While you can make this assumption it would generally not be a good approximation of the real life:

          ...modeling the deformation of a sphere made of rubbery material using static simulation.

          Using a rubber-like material with a large displacement would constitute both material and geometric nonlinearity so you would need to move this over to a Nonlinear study (this is only available with Simulation Premium).


          Addtiionally, in static analysis though using "Large Displacement Mode" is not a sure thing.  There is no adjusting solver setting in to get it around this error.  It either works or does not work.  When it does not work it is, again, a reason that this analysis would need to be moved to a Nonlinear study in order to move forward.


          The setup of your Nonlinear study would really not be very different with loads and fixtures but you would apply a nonlinear material model to the body (maybe Mooney-Rivlin for the rubber).