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Surface is not perfectly sticking to  the profiles

Question asked by Abdulaziz Abutunis on Mar 28, 2018
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Hello All:


I am modeling a simple blade. However, the blade sides have several composite layers. I wrote a Matlab code to define these layers foils (Fig.1). All the foils imported to the SolidWorks. After I created the surface using either the lofting or boundary surface function, I found that the surface is not perfectly following the profiles (not perfectly attached) as seen in the attached file (Fig. 2).


Earlier I did the same steps but with fewer profiles.


- Import the profiles of the layers (layer thickness is very small is around 0.125 mm)

- I used "Lofted Surface" to create each layer's surfaces.

- Then, used the “Boundary Surface" to close the layers sides.

- Select "Knit Surface" and selected all the created surfaces of the layer

- Create a solid either form "knitted surface right click then edit feature then create a solid" or from

   ”Thicken then select the body from the screen then select create a solid from the closed surface" I USED the second option.


Conclusion: The created layers have kind of distortion and not obeying the profiles path which created problems when we try to define the geometry in Abaqus. The distorted geometries after creating the solid material are presented Fig. 3 (SolidWorks) and Fig.4 (Abaqus)


If anyone knows the reason or knows any better ways to create attached thin layers, please advise me.


Thank you,