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Smart Components features disappear

Question asked by Mike Hodson on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by Mike Hodson

SW 2018   SP 2.0


I'm trying to create smart components.  Sometimes it works and sometimes the included features disappear when trying to activate the smart function.


In this first image I have have three windows.  First is the assembly in which I created the smart component, second is the part, and third is a new assembly where I want to place the part.   Notice that in all three, the part has a Smart Features folder with two hole features.

Smart with Features.JPG

In this second image, I have RMB clicked on the part and selected Insert Smart Features.   But there are no features in the dialog to reference. Notice that in the part window, the feature folder under Smart Features is showing a question mark.....yet the reference assembly still has the hole features.

Smart no Ref.JPG


In the third image, after cancelling the smart feature, the hole features have disappeared from everything.

Smart Features gone.JPG


What the hell is going on?