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    Balloons, dragging arrow sometimes drags view, why?

    Jay Andrews
      Sometimes a balloon is easy to reposition the arrow to a different edge or whatever, but occasionally, dragging the arrow will drag the entire view so I have to delete and recreate the balloon.

      Is there a way to unlock a balloon arrow from the edge it is stuck to?
        • Balloons, dragging arrow sometimes drags view, why?
          Andy Sanders
          Yes, you just have to be very careful of where you pick. If you grab the model edges, you will move the part/view. If you look at the icon as you hover over what you're selecting, wait till you get the symbol for the balloon point. You can then move the arrow tip away from the part and attach it to whatever you want.

          Basically you're dragging the view because you grabbed the part edge, NOT the balloon arrow tip.

          Why would you need to recreate the entire view if you accidentally move it? Can't you just move it back?
          • Balloons, dragging arrow sometimes drags view, why?
            Eddie Cyganik

            Andy's tip is a good one, cursor feedback is a must when dealing with the wide variety of things you can select.

            Additionally; Why would you need to recreate a view just because it moved?

            Also, starting in SW08, you can "undo" view moves. There's even more capability in SW09, so you may want to try an undo anytime you perform any command that didn't work out correctly or performed expectedly.

            Of course we do not know what SW version/SP you are using as it was not stated. You may want to consider updating your signature to include this basic information.

            Not to pick on you but I think SolidWorks should make it mandatory that all users identify their SW Version & SP in their signatures. This would be the minimum as Op Sys, GPU & basic computer systems specs should also be identified.
            • Balloons, dragging arrow sometimes drags view, why?

              The problem you are describing is not a 'stuck' balloon, it is an attachment point that cannot be selected. This is a quirk of SW that has existed for a long time and no quantity of enhancement requests seems to get it dealt with. To work around it, you can set a selection filter for notes and balloons and then you will be able to select it and reattach your balloon. Also, it may find it helpful to lock the view's position.