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Question asked by Tommy Hartman on Feb 12, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2009 by Matt Wallace
Hello, I'm 2 weeks into my first Solidworks experience, coming from Autocad and never knew how awesome Solidworks is. I've worked thru about 85% of the tutorials and searched thru the forum and didn't see anything that answers my question.

We bought Solidworks to design pump skids for our client. I'm trying to build a pump skid with pvc piping/fittings. Is there a way to create a smart mate so that when I drag in a fitting or pipe it autmatically mates coincident and concentric to the pipe/fitting? With it being pvc, fittings are "female", pipe is "male", how do I get the mate to butt up against the inside of the fitting "smartly" so that my cut lengths are correct and the pipe is not just butted up to the edge of the fitting.

I've worked thru the assembly mates tutorial, milling machine and I want it to work similiar to when you drag the pillar part and press tab key several times to toggle the alignment and it automatically creates a coincident & concentric mate.

I hope I explained my question well enough, thanks in advance for any advice and I hope to contribute tips/ideas myself once I get more familiar with the software in the future.

Thank You