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Trying to correctly make a Twisted Pair Cable but failing.

Question asked by Erick Ponce on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Allan Bowers

Hello there!
I am currently struggling with a Twisted cable pair.


I successfully made a twisted cable pair, but the results are not what I need:




You can appreciate that the "twisted" cable is actually not twisted, because the cables (black and white), overlap:




And this is not what I need, what I am looking for is something like this (real life twisted pair cables):

twisted pair cable white and black.png


I want to twist them to know how much cable will I need, and I will use like 30 pairs of cable, and I want them all to have the same length, plus the most accurate length possible from solidworks. This is for a School project, and I want to make good design points for this (Me and my team got solidworks student license from a local distributor).


This is my current configuration from my twisted pair:



Unfortunately I don't have any full manual to look for the documentation on how to use this tool nor solidworks has proper help info on how to use it.


I've been struggling 2 days on this, I would really appreciate any help from this issue =)!