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    3D-scanning in SW

    Erik Andersson

      I was wondering if solidworks is compatible working with 3D-scans. If you scan a area of a room, is it able to place that area in SW and get the right measures? Or is it easier to measure by hand and start the modelling manualy? If able, what scanners do you prefer working with?



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          Ionel Popa

          As far as I know, Solidworks is cooperating with such scanner companies as Faro, Artec, Creaform (I'm not sure about the Matterport, Matter and Form, and others). For example, using the plug-in Geomagic you can scan what you need, edit in the appropriate software and just export it to SolidWorks, all measures will be preserved, besides you can use deviation analysis between your model and scan data in the editing process.
          As for the choice of scanner, there are many options for selecting such as what are you trying to scan, what size, what accuracy and resolution do you need, and the budget that you have. Almost each of these companies produces a variety of types of scanners, but of course they have their own niche and price category.

          Hope it helps.