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Solidworks crash during macro run over 500 instances

Question asked by Jason Miller on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by Deepak Gupta

I am using Solidworks 2017 and a macro through Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications to create and save drawings in a .png format from a model with 1500-2000 configurations.  I have been using Solidworks for many years but I am new to macro's so I have very little experience with how to create or edit them (don't mind some of the commented out notes in the macro that I have to remind me what each line does).  Through other forum discussions I have been able to put together the attached macro and it works ok except for after you get to somewhere around 400-500 loops you begin to get Solidworks Resources dangerously low pop up messages and then eventually it will just lock up and crash Solidworks.  Below are the steps I take in my process

Step 1 - I open the model in Solidworks

Step 2 - In Solidworks go to Tools/Macro/Edit and open the attached macro

Step 3 - Click Run on the macro

Step 4 - Macro opens a Solidworks drawing template (.drwdot file type)

Step 5 - Macro updates the frame size

Step 6 - Macro pulls the default model into a single predefined view

Step 7 - Macro updates the model view in the template to the next configuration

Step 8 - Macro adds annotations, adjusts zoom

Step 9 - Macro saves file as .png

Step 10 - Macro closes template file

Step 11 - Loop back to Step 4

I can't help but think that it is an issue with cache or something that is building up.  If I run 300 and then close Solidworks and start back at Step 1 I have never gotten an issue.  If I run 300 and then start back at Step 1 and run another 300 without closing Solidworks I still get a crash.  Was wondering if there are a couple of lines of code or something that I could add to the macro to clear the cache or not?