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Solidworks and HSMworks compatibility

Question asked by Jody Holm on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Jody Holm

We just upgraded from SW2016 to SW2017 and HSM2017 to 2018. It did not go smoothly. I am certain that if you added up the amount of time

my SW VAR, HSM support, and Autodesk spent thru goto meetings on our (2) CAM systems it would easily be 6 hours.

We now have everything loaded but the systems are running so slow now that I have regrets about doing the upgrade.

It was a clean install done by a Solidworks VAR. He uninstalled all the older versions of SW, did some clean up work in the registry, and

downloaded the latest graphics driver...and who knows what else. The HSM rep could not get the software to download properly and

eventually had to contact Autodesk. Autodesk uninstalled and reinstalled everything again...and who knows what else. After 4 days

we are finally running...but mighty slow.

Has anyone experienced any issue since Autodesk bought HSMworks? Seems to me like it could be a conflict of interest.

Has anyone moved from HSM works to another CAM software?

How does the Solidworks CAM software run? Although we would need true 3D software.