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Design table not updating and unable to choose parent for derivatives

Question asked by Peter T. on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2019 by Erik Huizing

Hi, I have I think 2-3 problems here


1. Often when I add new configurations/lines to design tables, especially ones with derivative parts, not all of the new parts are created when I exit the design table. It seems to choose a seemingly random amount of new parts to add. It is really frustrating, now I have to copy my design table into another spreadsheet before exiting because I have so often lost lots of data. I have also deleted and rebuilt design tables several times


2. When adding new configurations in design tables, I am not able to select parent parts as I choose even if I manually create a derivative part in configurations outside of the design table first


3. When I have trouble as per the 2 above issues and open and shut the design table several times within 10 minutes, eventually excel or solidworks crashes, I can't tell exactly which one as both programs tell me they are running correctly in the task manager but I can't use either


These problems happen in multiple parts, all generally very simple


The design table is really flakey, I don't understand how such an important feature that has been with solidworks for so long is still so crap. I spent hours playing with this feature (as it is very important) and I still can't figure out why it constantly has trouble. I pay good money to for solidworks subscription and its virtually useless to ask solidworks about problems to the point that I don't even ask them questions any more because they have never been able to help except by wasting my time


My Office suite works fine, Solidworks is 2017 professional