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How to make imported surfaces to a solid

Question asked by Heon Lee on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Doug Seibel

Hello, this is Heon.


I'm trying to make .ma(Autodesk Maya) file to a solid file in Solidworks.


For the first time, I've tried export to stl in Maya and imported in Solidworks as a graphic, a solid, surfaces.

but all methods ain't worked.


So I've converted this file to iges then make it normal surfaces(it seems for now)

then tried to "knit surface" this time.

but the check box "create solid" is even not active!

I changed "Gap control" to 0.1mm for making check boxes of gaps(<1>, <2>...)


Now I don't know what to do more than this.

What can I do next?


Attached both file, 'stl' and 'sldprt'


Best regards.