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    Dimensions snaping to face/tangent edges

    Mike Hodson

      Is there a way to filter weldment face edges from dimension quick snaps?


      I've got a weldment with rectangular tubes.   I'm finding that when adding dimensions to the drawing, the snaps are just as likely to grab the edges of the face/radius than they are the actual edge of the tube.   I found that I'm able to hide the edges, but the dimensions still snap to them.


      I'm finding it rather hard to tell which I'm snapping to, as the highlight only shows up for a split second, and after mousing over the edge it doesn't seem to want to snap back to it. 


      Is there a way to filter those tangent edges from the snap, or maybe show a better indication of what I'm snapping to?


      Image shows what I mean.   I'm just as likely to get either dimension, but I would only ever want the top (edge to edge).  SW Dim Snap.JPG

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          Kevin Chandler



          By "hidden", do you mean "removed" under display options?

          As a workaround, you can also set (in display options) to have tangent edges use a different font.

          So, while dimensioning, the tangent lines are visible, but distinguished from the standard edges for ease in selection.

          Then changed to removed when dimensioning is completed.


          Not a great solution, but perhaps a viable one for your situatiuon.






          EDIT: Another thought is to change the tangent edge font to a centerline and then apply the edge filter.

          There's centerline filter so the thinking is that by switching tangents to centerlines, they'll be excluded from selection.

          (You also filter for centerlines and then invert the filter to exclude only centerlines.)

          I'm not too confident on this one, but I figure I'd toss it out there anyway.

          I'm not at SW at the moment, so I can't test this edit.

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            Elmar Klammer

            Hi Mike,


            Welcome to the club.....zoom in and dial up your hand-eye-coordination is the only option.


            To note...you are more likely to grab the 25 11/16 then the other one.....


            I wished SW would do something about the 1980 selection speed in drawings




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              John Huntington

              Hopefully this will help.

              Options > system options > Drawings > Uncheck "Select Hidden Entities"


              You will still have to select the edges on a tube with tangent lines but at least you won't select the tangent lines if they are hidden.