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Problem with Mates

Question asked by Thomas Jackson on Feb 12, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2009 by Mark Kaiser

I'm having a problem with getting the mates to work properly. I'm in the process of cleaning up a 1000+ assembly. This was supplied to us by a vendor and all the parts are number in sequental order. I'm having to renumber the parts with the correct PN's.

The problem I have run into is when I replace a part (bolt) with the correctly number one if I use the replace part function it will place the part into the original location, not where the part I'm placing is located at. If I insert it in and then use mates to get it into place I'm get mating faults when doing a concentric or coincident (face to face) mates to put the bolt in place.

Most of the major parts are fixed to keep things from moving out odf position.