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    Manipulating view within a PropertyManagerPage Event

    Dave Paul

      Hello All,

      I have created a PropertyManager Page.  The first selection on the page, the user will select a face or a plane.  During that event, or before the user continues the face or plane needs to rotate to normal.  The "Selection" object is the correct type, but I can't do anything with it.


      I have tried to rotate the view in the OnSubmitSelection event.  Had the OnSubmitSelection event raise another event.  Nothing....  I don't think that the face or the plane has been "selected" when the event fires.  All thoughts are appreciated!  Thank you.


      Private Function PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnSubmitSelection(ByVal Id As Long, ByVal Selection As Object, ByVal SelType As Long, ItemText As String) As Boolean
        If SelType = swSelectType_e.swSelFACES Or SelType = swSelectType_e.swSelDATUMPLANES Then
          PropertyManagerPage2Handler9_OnSubmitSelection = True
          ' ******  Should the code go here?  *****
        End If
      End Function