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Is there another problem with the site?

Question asked by Tim Sharp on Feb 12, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2009 by 3DCC Admin
Recently we get page errors whenever we go to 3dcontentcentral.

The page appears to load OK but the error at the bottom (in IE 7) says "Object expected" at line 1

Search won't work, so we have to find items by selecting them.

When we finally find an item, it doesn't show it in 3d anymore and the download options are not completed so there are no drop down boxes.

Scrolling down the page, after the bottom links section, there is a "configuring model for download" bit with a progress icon, but nothing happens when the "close" icon is selected.

This happens in IE and Firefox and we've tried different security settings. Is there frequent problem with the site, or is it some setting or add-on we don't know about? It has worked before, we're not new to it!

Anyone enlighten us?