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Why water does not flow through all my pipe?

Question asked by Cl So on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by Cl So

Hi I am new to flow simulation, can anyone please help me with this problem?

I have tried many many simulations by applying different boundary conditions but still the water does not pass through all my pipes.

I am really frustrated and I really wanted to know how to find the required pressure / flow rate so that water can pass through all my pipes.


My only goal is to design a pipe system with nozzles output at least 10 L/min and 100 bar pressure.

I just hope any simulation can help prove that the pipe system can fulfill this requirement.

I have attached my SolidWork assembles and parts below. Please Help.

The simulation results are too big that i could not upload.


Below are some of my simulation trails, I have tried Internal Flow simulation with different inlet volume flow rate and also external flow sim.

1st Trial:  Internal Flow simulation

Inlet Volume Flow Rate = 180 L/min          (since there are 18 output)

Output Pressure = 100 bar                          (in each nozzle)




2nd Trial:  Internal Flow simulation

Inlet Volume Flow Rate = 500 L/min

Output Pressure = 100 bar



3rd Trail: External Flow simulation

Inlet Pressure = 110 bar

Outlet Volume Flow Rate = 180 L/min (in Total)

PIPESIM05_02_external_exclude cavity.png


Thank you!