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Override Material Not Present in Appearance Stack - Bug or Feature?

Question asked by Hadyn Hadynlander on Mar 27, 2018

I've come upon a case whereby a override material (bright green) has clearly been applied to a subassembly, but doesn't get listed when clicking the appearance dropdown on any of the affected child parts:




The selected part in this screenshot appears green, just like the rest of the subassembly - but none of the subassembly parts list the green material in their appearance stacks. Furthermore, when using the C# API to traverse the full assembly, I see no reference at all to the green material at any level of the component hierarchy; only a flat white material appears to be present / connected to these parts.


None of the following has made any difference:

  • Disabling large assembly mode
  • Resolving all lightweight components
  • Reloading / viewing on a different machine
  • Enabling RealView


The root assembly has only one (default) configuration, and one (default) display state. All other subassemblies in the same project seem to behave as expected, displaying override materials in their appearance stacks (where applicable).


My question is whether there are any cases in which this is an expected behavior, or whether it may be a bug?


Any advice would be appreciated!


Kind regards,

Hadyn Lander