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    Cursor goes busy near title block

    Mike Hodson

      When I am working on a drawing, every time my cursor even gets near the title block, it goes 'busy' for 3-5 seconds.   If I stop and let it finish, then move it even slightly, it goes busy again....and again....and again.


      Why does it do this and is there a setting to help with this?


      SW 2018 - SP 2.0


      Edit:   I'm not sure how to best share a video, but here's one showing this behavior.

      IMG_3560.MOV - Box


      Edit 2:

      I seem to have isolated the problem, although I still don't understand it.

      I recreated the drawing with views from the same model etc.   The new one did not have this behavior.   I compared them side by side and saw that the problem drawing had a 'Title block table' under the sheet format, while the new one did not.


      I deleted the title block table and the problem went away.


      I'm not sure what was in the title block table, as nothing seemed to change when I deleted it.


      Edit 3:

      I see now that without the title block table, I'm unable to simply edit the title block by double clicking it.


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          Glenn Schroeder

          Was your title block set up while in "Edit sheet format" mode?  And if yes, does it contain a logo, and if yes again, what file type?

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              Mike Hodson

              The Title block is pretty much the default/standard SW title block.  I only made a minor tweak in Edit Sheet mode, just to change the size of the title field.  There is no logo. 


              It might be relevant that the drawing views in the drawing were generated from an assembly that contains large/complex parts (model of an engine) but I don't see how that relates to the title block.

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                  Glenn Schroeder

                  Then I don't know.  Maybe someone else will have an idea.  Do you have access to another computer with SolidWorks installed so you could open the file with it?  That might at least let you know if there's a problem with the file or the machine.

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                    Rick McDonald

                    Is it only on this drawing for this part that you see this happening or on all drawings you are doing?

                    If it is only this drawing you can try to create another part from scratch and put something simple in it like just a block.

                    Then see if it does the same when you go to the title block.

                    That would indicate that it is in your sheet format or title block or template (and not the drawing itself).

                    If you see it is related to the template that was just since you upgraded, do you have an older version template you can open and see if the problem exists there.

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                  Paul Salvador

                  Hello Mike,.. I can only guess it's a hidden link.. such as a URL or HTTP within the titleblock?.


                  (btw, I had to laugh... when I read your subject,.. I read "gets busy")

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                    Tom Gagnon

                    If the title block is referring to properties within the component shown, is the component Lightweight or Resolved? That shouldn't make much difference, or so I think. That is odd, and I'm also wondering what could cause that.


                    In addition to Rick McDonald's questions,

                    Is the file local or remote over a network?

                    Are you using PDM?

                    Is this a new process, or new behavior in an old process, i.e. are you a new user setting things up or an experienced user handling routine items that didn't have this problem before?

                    Is it a simple part or a complex large assembly?


                    If you can upload the drawing, we can examine what's going on. Maybe it's trying to resolve something with restrictive File References (which we wouldn't have). If you skim through File References, do you see anything or any locations in there which you do not expect or is otherwise inconsistent or different?

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                        Mike Hodson

                        Local files.  They are in a folder that is synced via OneDrive, but that shouldn't affect performance in SW. 


                        No PDM.


                        I'm fairly new to SW in general.  Migrating over from Inventor.


                        Fairly large assemblies (large engine models from manufacturer).

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                            Tom Gagnon

                            There's nothing exceptional that I can tell there, other than the problem. I'd call my VAR if I were you, for support. They can do a screenshare and maybe diagnose, maybe recommend reinstall or a registry rebuild, and maybe push it upstream if it needs a fix. Results do vary, but they can get their hands into it like we cannot on the forums.

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                              Tom Gagnon

                              I have the exact same issue now too.

                              There's still no apparent reason for it. It appears that this is a feature, not a bug. Unexpected maybe but probably normal. It doesn't impede other work, and just looks funny.


                              2018SP2, Network files, large assemblies, properties from assembly and drawing pulled to populate title block.