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Cursor goes busy near title block

Question asked by Mike Hodson on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Tom Gagnon

When I am working on a drawing, every time my cursor even gets near the title block, it goes 'busy' for 3-5 seconds.   If I stop and let it finish, then move it even slightly, it goes busy again....and again....and again.


Why does it do this and is there a setting to help with this?


SW 2018 - SP 2.0


Edit:   I'm not sure how to best share a video, but here's one showing this behavior.

IMG_3560.MOV - Box


Edit 2:

I seem to have isolated the problem, although I still don't understand it.

I recreated the drawing with views from the same model etc.   The new one did not have this behavior.   I compared them side by side and saw that the problem drawing had a 'Title block table' under the sheet format, while the new one did not.


I deleted the title block table and the problem went away.


I'm not sure what was in the title block table, as nothing seemed to change when I deleted it.


Edit 3:

I see now that without the title block table, I'm unable to simply edit the title block by double clicking it.


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