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External Flow Simulation Problem

Question asked by Cl So on Mar 26, 2018

Hi, I am trying to design a piping and nozzle system (mounted on a track cleaning vehicle) with the following design requirements:


InputFlow rate of 180L/min
Output Nozzle

Minimum flow rate of 10L/min

Pressure of 100 bar


There will be a pump providing power to water and pump through the piping and nozzle system to railway track, so I assumed the pump is able to generate a flow rate of 180L/min and pressure of 110 bar.


Therefore I set the following boundary condition in my external flow simulation

  • Inlet volume flow rate, Q = 180L/min
  • Pump output pressure = 110 bar


I am able to use external flow simulation to simulate the water flowing out from nozzle to the rail when the vehicle is not moving as shown, but the water did not flow through all parts of the pipe and nozzles, I am curious about why?


And is it possible for me to measure the output volume flow rate at the mouth of nozzle? Because I am not able to set it as surface goal at the beginning.





Also in reality, the vehicle will be moving and spraying water from nozzle at the same time, therefore I want to ask if it is possible to simulate the flow when vehicle is moving. And how can I do it?