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SWR Simulation - network simulation does not search agents

Question asked by Павел Рейтор on Mar 26, 2018


I have 2018 SWR with 1 network license Simulation Premium.

Install agents on 2 PC with windows 10: 1 PC with AMD ryzen 1800X CPU, another PC with Intel i7-7820x CPU.

Install Solidworks on windows 7 machine. Join to Windows AD with 2008r2 domain controller.

Use this manual: 2018 SOLIDWORKS Help - Running an Offloaded Simulation


Problem with step 2.b - I don't have the step "In User Account Control dialog box, click Yes to allow SOLIDWORKS Simulation Network Share to make changes to your computer."

After pressing button Manage Network I have error dialogbox Solidworks net finder can not find list of network computers. There is no Windows password's need to type.

And next warning dialog box "No PC in your network with working agent".


Command net view show all PC in AD, and Worker Agent's PC too. AV was disabled. I tried to install on 3 computers - the result is the same. Windows log's does not have any warnings with solidworks or network.

What I am doing wrong?