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    How do i set a goal that i want to be the AVERAGE of mass air flow goal over only a part of the whole time of my time dependant flow simulation?

    Christos Tziros

      For example: I have set a goal "mass air flow" , now from that goal i want to take the numbers/results and pull a total mass out of them but ONLY for the results of the first 0.5 seconds out of the whole 2 seconds that my time dependent flow simulation lasts, and set that total as a goal so i can do otimization based on it. Is this possible by using a custom goal? Haven't used that option at all. Using sw 2016.


      If this was an arduino i would do something like the next few lines
      time in miliseconds


      int TotalMass = 0;
      int Count = 0;



      if  t(time) < 500 {
           AirMass = MassAirFlow * Δtime                      // Calculate air mas for the Δt
          TotalMass = TotakMass + airMass;                // Add air mass for the last Δt to the total mass

      GOAL = TotalMass                                            // Set the total mass over the first 0.5 sec. as a goal

      SORRY for the long winded post.... just trying to be explanatory enough. thanks.


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