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    Sheet Metal Welded Corners

    Bob Tosi

      I need to show an outside welded corner on a sheet metal part. When I use the sheet metal Welded Corner feature I get this. It is backwards and I cannot find a way to flip it. Currently use SW2016.


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          Peter Kennedy

          I could be mistaken from that view but I'm don't think you're going to be able to actual bend you edges like that, to me it appears like its bending from the top left corner for each edge which would not work in a real life application.


          Anyways for your weld when you make your each, in the sheet metal ribbon > Corners > Welded Corner should work.



          I've attached what I think your model looks like and if that's the case it won't work for welded corner.



          For that you could used weld bead which is Insert > Weldments > Weld Beam but it'll look goofy: