Go Paperless with 3DVIA Composer

Discussion created by 1-C58PCB on Feb 12, 2009
SolidWorks World Update:

On Tuesday, Mr. Ron Peers of Westport Shipyard Inc, Washington State, USA, presented a session "Go paperless with 3DVIA" at SWW. The audience were amazed as they came out of the room. Some of them continued discussing even after the session and were forced out of the room as next session was to start in 5 minutes. :-)

The big idea he presented was how they were able to replace 100s of drawings created using tonnes of configurations representing step-by-step assembly process for wooden cabinets for boat. The design engineers were spending HUGE time creating simplest steps for shop floor staff to be able to do the job with minimum confusion. 3DVIA Composer has helped them cut down the documentation time by almost 50% and manufacturing cost is down as they boat interiors are assembled much faster with minimum delays (asking questions around).

I have requested Dennis Cohoe, the Composer expert, to join this forum. This will be a welcome post for him :-)