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how to obtain dimensions for optimum spline and resulting guide path

Question asked by Nathan Bistrica on Mar 23, 2018

Im trying to draw a sketch for a cylindrical wrap and/or centerline driven swept cut. This is only dependant on how my sketch can be drawn and defined, hence my question. My sketch is a linear travel path for a bearing to follow, all required dimensions are known except for those in regards to the travel path and bearing guide. The travel path needs to have the smoothest transitions possible so when the bearing follows it, it remains at a constant velocity when a constant force is applied. Another issue i have is that this bearing is oval and will need to remain parallel to the y axis while it follows a splined travel path along the x axis. To paint a more clear picture of what i mean, there is a travel path to which a vertically stacked set of 2 bearings will follow and be contained by an upper and lower bearing guide. The sketch is of a part which will be included into an assembly, furthermore this sketch will become objects of mass and ran through SW's simulations for various tests once complete. Essentially my question is this; is there an equation or built in feature i can use to find the dimensions of a spline between a peak and a valley in regards to optimum velocity of an object that follows the spline? Also, once the travel path is defined; what is the best way of finding the dimensions for the bearing guide? I have attached a picture for use as a visual aid for my specific problem. Let me know if you need any information to properly answer. Any information would be appreciated, thank you.

bearing travel path question sketch.JPG