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Stress analysis setup for turnbuckle mounting

Question asked by Casey Bergman on Mar 23, 2018

I am trying to set up a structural analysis for an assembly that I am working on that will typically be supported by turnbuckles.  I've shown some images below of how the turnbuckles mount thru the structure.  I am having trouble coming up with a good fixture to allow the holes to move the way that they should and not cause stress singularities.  I originally started by fixing the holes and applying the load to the washer faces around the round hole in the middle.  This caused high stress at the edge of the hole as would be expected.  I've tried about everything that I can think of including adding a pin with no penetration, hinged fixtures among other things.  I am not concerned with the holes as I have already manually calculated the stress for them.  Should I just ignore them in my study?  The last image shows my sectioned model that I am using with split faces for refinement areas.  Any ideas that would help me would be appreciated.


I am using Solidworks 2016 at the moment.