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Why doesn't Filled Surface actually fill surfaces?

Question asked by Allan Smithee on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Allan Smithee

I have a part that's composed entirely of surfaces which enclose a formerly solid part. I'd like to take these surfaces and fill them into solid bodies. The tool that I thought would do this is "Filled Surface" which seems to be a misnomer because, the way I understand it, all this tool does is create a surface patch. Maybe they should call it "Patch Surface" instead, but I digress. Anyway, even once accomplished, that doesn't help unless you can then take that surface and fill it with a solid!

EDIT: It looks like you can Create solid from enclosed volume but only if the volume is entirely enclosed by surfaces.


Attached is a screenshot of what I'm working with. When I select a surface and click "Filled Surface" it tells me nothing is selected. When I select many surfaces and attempt to fill them I get errors.



Anyway is it possible to simply fill existing surfaces with a solid? I literally want to take a solid "paintbucket" and fill my surfaces with it. Any "missing" surfaces can be assumed to be straight flat faces.


I don't care what's inside the model, I just want the stuff that I can see to be actual solid models so that I can take the carriage part and apply motion to it in an assembly. It would be nice to maintain the appearances (color, material, etc) of these surfaces as well, although I can do that ex post facto.


This might be more of an import / export problem. This model was downloaded from a suppliers website and they aren't willing to provide actual solid models. I'm assuming this part was converted from an IGES export or similar.


Please SWX simplify this seemingly simple task.


EDIT: Part now attached. Link to supplier website was provided in a reply but apparently that needs to be moderated.