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    Assembly to DWG issues

    Yarlin Paz

      Hello People


      I'm trying to export one assembly to .DWG, I tried by two different ways (both posted in this forum) and it doesn't work, it show me an error saying that there having some problems and the DWG file may be empty and indeed it is. I don't know if it is the size of the assembly or if I'm doing something wrong.


      First Try

      You use the join feature to get a single part that is representative of the assembly.

      Insert>component>new part.

      create a new part on any surface/plane/planar face. exit sketch mode.

      While you are still in edit part mode insert>features>join.

      Join all the parts and then open the new joined part on its own and save as .dxf


      Second Try

      I make Assembly in Solidworks

      I make drawing of assembly (only view needed for DXF)

      I delete all 'sheet format' in the drawing

      Save as DXF


      Please if someone had have the same error let me know what can I do to solve it

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          Kevin Chandler



          Without upload files or screen images, we're guessing here, so if yuo can provide these, your replies should improve.


          That said, I'm not in front of SolidWorks at the moment, so please bear with me.

          In your second attempt, was the assembly view placed outside of the drawing border? (Whether or not there were title block elements remaining doesn't matter.)

          If the view was outside of the border, and you had deleted the title block elements, then I believe SW didn't have anything to export.

          I'm assuming the DXF save as is similar to a drawing save as to another format, such as a PDF.

          Anything outside of the border is automatically excluded,


          Trying moving the assembly view to where the drawing border was (or enlarge the drawing size).

          Also, you don't have to delete the title block elements before the DXF save as.

          You can open the DXF in DraftSight afterwards and delete them there.

          I'd recommand opening the DXF in DraftSight regardless just to be sure the DXF files was created as you require.


          I hope this helps.