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Simple routing question

Question asked by Monty Mayfield on Mar 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2018 by Peter De Vlieger

So, the routes I have done in the past with ball valves (or any valves), I have drawn the route, then inserted the ball valve in as a part. This makes it difficult to make changes because I aligned the valve using mates. Funny how this can cause a rats nest of parts with no undo.

We only use welded pipe and all rf weld necks. What is the easiest way to place a ball valve in a route? Draw the route with the rf flange, then insert the valve? Ive noticed that all of the tutorial videos place a flanged valve into a pipe with a split line. The mating flange is non existent, or the flange might be a slip on with pipe in each end.


I tried using the flanged check valve. I inserted the check valve to the route, but I cannot simply add the rf weld neck flanges that will mate with the flanges on the valve.

I attached a screen shot of a route where I inserted the part file of a ball valve I downloaded. Again, the valve was inserted as a part. Can someone please explain the simplest way to draw this with the ball valve saved as a library part with connection and route points?


Do you guys treat each flange to flange weldment as a seperate route?


I believe once I get past this simple task of adding a valve with mating rfwn flanges, I will have a nice head start.