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Solidworks 2017 SP5 Utilities Crashes Program on Startup

Question asked by Miles Harvey on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2019 by Marco Laffra

We are running a server product in our office, and everyone running SW 2017 SP4 and SP5 has the same issue. On startup, the splash screen freezes on "Loading: Solidworks Utilities." The splash screen will stay up, frozen until you force quit it. The next time SW is launched, it will freeze on "starting," or tell us that Utilities caused a crash, and asks if we would like to disable. Once disabled, SW can open and close regularly until the computer is restarted. After a restart, it goes back to freezing on loading utilities.


Has anyone else seen this issue or a solution anywhere? We know that SP1 does not have the issue, but I do not want to downgrade all of the programs because of this issue.