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    Mouse inaccuracy

    Brock Robertson
      I don't know if this belongs here.... but it is modeling related.

      Where i aim my mouse and where it clicks is off byt about an inch on my screen. I lick on surface and the surface and inch below it gets highlighted.

      I am venturing a guess that it is an videocard that lack some balls. it gets worse as the model becomes more complex. when the mouse inaccuracy gets really bad the model will flicker and dissapear as i zoom and rotate.

      how far off am i on the videocard guess? I do not actually know why this is happening.
        • Mouse inaccuracy
          Brock Robertson
          chip type: Quatro FX 570
          DAC type: Intergrated RAMDAC
          Size: 256MB

          i am running a dual core processor and XP64
          physical memory available to windows: 4,126,028
            • Mouse inaccuracy
              Mike Cushing
              I have a similar problem but not quite as bad as the one you describe. In my case the mouse pointer is only off by a few millimeters, but this is problematic for the same reasons you describe. This is most frustrating when trying to use the measure tool and the point I want to measure from only highlights when the measuring tool icon is directly over that spot so I can't see that it is highlighting, ggrrrrr.

              This all started when I upgraded to a Dell VOSTRO computer, Core 2 Duo w/Vista x32 and 2009 Solidworks.

              My older version of SW running on a P4 with windows XP did not have this problem.

              The video card in this new system is an ATI Radeon HD 2400. And the monitor I'm using is an ACER AL2016W
              I've tried a different mouse with 1800dpi and this still did not help.

              Maybe there is some compatibility issue with certain video cards.

              I hope someone in the know can fill us in.
            • Mouse inaccuracy
              Charles Culp
              I'd guess the problem has more to do with the video card than the mouse, Mike. Unfortunately, ATI Radeon's are not supported cards. Brock's Quadro FX 570 is, and is also a very common card...

              Both of you should be reporting this to your resellers. A good reseller should be willing to troubleshoot and FIX the issue for you.
              • Mouse inaccuracy
                Brock Robertson
                thanks Charles!
                • Mouse inaccuracy
                  Mike Cushing
                  Thanks Charles, I replaced my video card with an NVIDA Quadro FX 570. Problem solved and imaging is soooo much better.