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    SolidWorks Class

    Michael Demetriou



      I am interested in learning SolidWorks and am wondering how to find a class or program that's offered this summer or fall - ideally in the Northern California area but I guess anywhere that offers a good class. I would, ideally, like to find a very intense program that I could get through pretty fast either in a community college or, I guess, anywhere else.


      Thank you.


      Michael Demetriou

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          Walter Fetsch

          Michael, the tutorials that come with Solidworks are an excellent foundation.  If you go through them all, you'll probably gain as much skill as you would in a class and probably a lot faster.  If you go through a California kommunity college, you shouldn't expect much, as they're more like daycare than college.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            As Walter Fetsch said, the built-in tutorials are pretty good, but you asked about a class.  You might search out a SolidWorks Value Added Reseller in your area.  They typically offer a 4-day SolidWorks Essentials class.  It's not cheap, but they cover a lot of information.  They'll also have shorter classes that focus on certain areas of the software.

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              Maha Nadarasa

              I had 3 month classes, 32 hours/month to cover almost everything.

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                Kristina Smith

                I found my Continuing Ed solidworks class through CourseHorse, but this particular class was on the east coast so that would be a bit of a trek for you. Looking at the coursehorse search for classes in LA, there's currently only one class showing up in the search results for "solidworks" and it's really a class designed for 3d printing, rather than learning the guts of solidworks.


                I'd keep taking a look at similar websites, maybe search some colleges within your travel range to see if they have any summer/continuing ed classes regarding solidworks.


                edited to add: solidworks' own youtube channel has some pretty cool tutorials as well, and just youtube in general has been handy for me when it comes to looking at how to do something in particular as the need arises.

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                  Ron Cerkueira

                  Hi Michael, I am an instructor at Fresno City College in Fresno, California. We offer an introduction to 3D CAD that uses SolidWorks either on campus or 100% online. The class covers all of the fundamentals and gives you the tools to pass the CSWA. We also offer many other courses that use SolidWorks. If you would like more information please email me at ron.cerkueira@fresnocitycollege.edu or visit our website, www.fresnocitycollege.edu.