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What is the proper methodology to achieve a 90 degree rotation here?

Question asked by Torrey Hughes on Mar 23, 2018
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Novice question-  A friend edited my subassembly and I really don't want to bother him anymore this week, so I am bothering you guys.  What is the proper way for me  to rotate the cam to a 90 degree position in either direction so I can create a new configuration in my main assembly?  My friend has created a coordinate system which has changed the origin and I am not sure why he did that.  When I suppress the Coincident Mates 5 and 6 so the cam wheel is floating, the Rotate Entity> By Delta command does not rotate the cam wheel for than a few degrees when I select 90 degrees from the position shown.  I just need to create a Mate 90 degrees from the position below.  Thanks in advance...



Conincident Mate 5.png