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Rotating parts without losing position

Question asked by Rodrigo Pedrosa on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2018 by Rodrigo Pedrosa

Once again, noob question from a newbie here.


I am trying to simulate this Sash window closing to the proper position.

What am I missing here?


When I use the transform (rotate) command and specify 35 angle of rotation, the First and Final frames are perfect, but the animation between shows the parts all going apart, losing its position.

I tried to use different Pivots, Multiple pivots, but no acceptable result here.


How can I rotate the Sash and all its components to follow same pivot, not losing position.

See images attached.


Sash to be rotated (perfect junction of the extrusions)

Sash 1.JPG


Sash rotate to 35 degrees

(Please ignore the sash position and all the internal components).

I am just trying to figure out Why the sash stiles and rails are not stuck to each other, see next images)

Sash 2.JPG


This is what happens to the sash between start and end of rotation. The sides and top and bottom are not fixed to each other, and keep losing its position.

So, the start and the end of the rotation, all the sash extrusions are in perfect junction, forming a perfect 90 degrees corner, but During the rotation, those extrusion moves independently. =(

Sash 3.JPGSash 4 det.JPG