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why does SW have a drill size with a tapped hole

Question asked by Dana Patelzick on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by Erik Bilello

Why does Solidworks show a drill size for a threaded hole call out. This is inappropriate for several reasons.

1. Material hardness or toughness might need a different hole size.

2. The hole size is for a thread cutting tap, what happens if a thread forming tool is wanted, needed or required?

3. The design engineer (me) wants a drawing with a requirement for a threaded hole. I don't want to tell a machinist how to do his job.

4. I really, really don't want a software engineer telling me how to do my job.


There is a file called calloutformat.txt that has two versions that has just the thread specification and hole depth and no drill diameter. The second (apparently default when new software is released) that shows the above call out.



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