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Grouping repeated parts in harness BOM

Question asked by John Janiczek on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2020 by Mert Gundogdu

I am using solidworks electrical for aerospace harnessing. In one project, I will have different harnesses. The report for "bill of materials by harness" is the most useful for me so that I can easily have kits created for each harness assembly. One of the problems with this report is that it seems to include each part as a line item. For example, if I were to add a mil-spec circular connector with 13 crimp contacts, the BOM would have 14 line items with the 13 identical crimp contacts called out as individual lines.


What I want is for the crimp contacts (or any repeated part number / reference) to be grouped as a single line item with a quantity column. Other reports do this, such as the "bill of materials by manufacturer" report.

The problem with the bill of materials by manufacturer, is that I can't group by harness. The har_tag (harness tag) attribute isn't even included by default for me to add.


It seems like some "expert mode" editing could allow me to add the har_tag attribute to the bill of materials by manufacturer report and allow me to group/break by harness. However I have no idea how to use expert mode and couldn't find much information online.


Does anyone know how to get a report that groups by harness, and also groups together repeated part number/references with quantities?