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Question asked by Alexander Smith on Mar 22, 2018
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I'm at my wits end. I have to send a drawing pack out to a client, the pack in SW is fine. However when I save as a PDF the hidden dashed lines come to the front and get mixed up as in the attached screen grab.


Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 19.15.17.png


After much research I found that the solution was to use the print to PDF process however it kept defaulting to an A4 size when the pages are US Letter. So the drawings cut off at the top. Although the image quality was perfect and as it is in the SW drawing I could not override the print size (page setup) settings. In fact the whole interface of the print to PDF was glitchy as hell with many buttons just not doing anything.


I read elsewhere that people had uninstalled and reinstalled Print to PDF which I did, but now it seems that SW doesn't want to play with it. Its as if when I uninstalled it I severed a link between SW and the system as it doesn't give me the save as dialogue box any more and just says its encountered errors.


I'm using Win10 and SW2015.


So now that I have messed up part of system can anyone advise.


1. How do I get Print to PDF back talking properly to SW and working properly so I can control the paper sizes etc and it actually apply.

2. MOST IMPORTANTLY how do I save a PDF with hidden lines in the 'proper' way without incurring these problems with the hierarchy of lines mixing up?


Any advice would be great.