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Having trouble simulating a forming tool for a vice. I think i'm missing something?

Question asked by Daniel Sutton on Mar 22, 2018

Hello everyone,


I am a long time solidworks user but new to Simulation. I am trying to solve something that I would consider quite small and trivial, but maybe there is a lot going on in my settings that I am missing. I am having trouble getting the attached assy to simulate. - Google Drive


Its a simulation to bend a peice of metal in a vice, because the test piece is copper, I do not have the resources to keep getting parts cut to try. This is a simulation so that I can figure out how to place additional features into the Punch/Die so that it forms correctly. I am having difficulty getting the settings right. I have tried many many things and so far it has been hit and miss. I saw a tip to change everything to steel to confirm that its not the custom material that is causing issues. If anyone can get this working, then the Metal part is actually 0.5mm copper, and the forming tool will be out of PLA plastic until I can finalize to have something machined.


Even on the occasions that it does simulate. I am getting a "Results database not found" so I cannot save any results.


Can anyone offer any assistance please?


EDIT: Fixed the file so that it included the bending profile.