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Defining different Heat Transfer Co-efficients and Temperatures through pipe length

Question asked by Kshitij Agarwal on Mar 22, 2018

Dear All


I am trying to simulate internal flow in a pipe with the outer surface heated constantly. For this purpose, I am preferring to use Thermal Simulations (SolidWorks Premium 2016) rather than flow simulations as the coolant is in bi-phase state.

The boundary conditions for the study are:

Total Heat Load  =  1300W

Fluid Temp. (Initial) = -20°C


Idea is to define define different Heat Transfer Coefficients and their respective temperatures through the length of the pipe. (For reference, please see the photo below). Since flow through the pipe could be imagined as a forced-internal-convection problem, I assume that this approach could work.




So could anyone please help as to how to approach towards solving this issue in Thermal Simulations?


Best Regards, Kshitij