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    Huge difference in iteration time between sims

    Joel Kolodziej

      Hey all,


      I have been using solidworks flow for about 6 months now, and I thought I had a good handle on mesh complexity and how it affects solve time, until now.


      I have just finished running a sim of roughly 10 million cells, and iteration time was between 4 and 6 minutes per.  This is acceptable to me, as I can let the machine run for days to come to a solution.


      However, I have set up a new sim that is very similar as far as number of fans/components.  This sim has roughly 15 million cells.  However, the iteration time has gone from 5 minutes per to 40 minutes per.  I would not think the time would increase by this much by only increasing cell count by 50%.  This leads me to believe that there is something else wrong.


      The new sim is a copy of the first sim, with geometry modifications made, so the base parameters of the simulation are the same.


      Running an AMD Threadripper 24 core with 64gb of ram, utilizing 90% CPU and 50% ram.


      Can anyone help me figure out where to start chasing this?