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Drawing Automatic Boarder and Title Block Lines Relation

Question asked by Baris Mert on Mar 22, 2018

Hi there.


Is it possible to create relations between sketched lines for title block and automatic border lines while editing sheet format?


I'm just working on a drawing template for A1 sized sheet. First I prepared the standard 841 x 594 mm A1 sheet title block with automatic border. (Please see attached "Title_Block_A1" image below). Then when I changed sheet size from 841 mm to 941 mm at sheet properties dialog box, I saw that the title block lines does not follow the automatic border lines moved to right. (Please see "Title_Block_A1_Over_Sized" below). Altough I started the line from the bottom right corner point of automatic border, it does not create a relation between title block line and automatic border line.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.