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    Why solidworks keeps freezing/crashing on external monitor ?

    Marie Fischer


      So I recently got a new laptop: Dell Latitude 7480+ with Intel(R) HD Graphics 620, driver

      I am experiencing a lot of issues with solidworks (2016) on this laptop. Indeed, it works kind of fine on the laptop itself with just a few display issues but when I plug it in to the docking station or directly to the monitor (that I got to do CAD), it completely freezes as soon as I try to do something and I have to close it with task manager.

      We have tried re-instaling solidworks, installing a newer version, re-installing the complete computer. I tried using the compatibility mode for windows 8, checking and unchecking 'disable scaling on high dpi settings'. Nothing helped.

      Has anyone encountered this issue? Do you have a solution for me?

      Thank you

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          Steve Kurmey

          Hi Marie,


          I am having the same problem. I am running an nvidia geforce gtx1070 graphics card which I am being told is the problem. Solidworks runs a lot better on workstation graphics cards. That being said, like you solidworks works perfectly fine on my laptop display. I have never had an issue on my laptop display. The only time I have an issue is when I try to run the program on my external display. I can even open a file on my laptop display and move it to my external display and that will work for a while. However, as soon as I try to open a new file the program freezes up. I don't know if the same applies to you or not. My question is, if it's a problem with my graphics card, why does the program only freeze up when I open a file? So far this is what i've tried:


          • talked directly with nvidia customer service on 3 seperate occasions - no luck
          • talked to my reseller - no luck
          • talked to Asus - no luck
          • reinstalled the graphics drivers - new and legacy - no luck
          • tried 3 different monitors - no luck
          • I have used the "software openGL" option in solidworks performance settings - this fixed the problem but the graphics were junk - this does point to the graphics card though


          I have managed to find a workaround by making sure I only open files when solidworks is on my laptop screen. I will work on my external display until it's time to make a new part or open an existing part to modify. Then i will move solidworks to my laptop display to open the file in question. This becomes very annoying while building a top down assembly however.


          Hopefully we can work together to find a solution to this. Best of luck



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            David Matula

            # 1 thing is to buy the right lap top from the get go.  SolidBOX and boxx have some good computers that are set up to run with SolidWorks.  Call them e-mail them or chat with them about the computer and what you are wanting to do with it and they will help you get set up and going with the best that your budget will allow. 

                 If your like me and on a tight budget.....then you have 2 choices.   deal with the problems of the inferior computer graphics ect and take a long time to do stuff or have to do it over multiple times or wait hours for the computer to catch up to ya.

               Or do without till you can afford the best pc that will run the program for ya.  

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                Steve Kurmey

                Hi Dave,

                Thanks for the input. Unfortunately I've already bought an expensive computer (expensive for me anyways), an Asus ROG Strix GL702VS. I used an Asus ROG laptop at my last job and it worked great with solidworks. Using 2 monitors wasn't an issue and I don't remember having any other issues whatsoever. So when it came time to buy a computer for my new job I thought running another Asus ROG would be a safe bet. Now that i've been reading up more on this I definitely should have bought a workstation laptop instead and I will in the future. The problem is, i have a really good computer that runs solidworks without any issue, until I try to use my laptop monitor and external monitor at the same time. Do I need an older version of solidworks? Why did solidworks work on my old computer but not on my newer computer? These are the questions i'm trying to figure out.

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                  Marie Fischer

                  Hi David,

                  It is a professional laptop so I did not have much choice in the computer. There were 3, and I picked the "best" one of those. Plus before that I was borrowing an older laptop with similar graphic card and it worked fine. I borrowed a second one while IT was trying to figure out if something was wrong with this laptop and that one worked just fine as well. So this is why I do not understand why it is not working...

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                  Tom Gagnon

                  Marie's graphics card = Intel(R) HD Graphics 620

                  Steve's graphics card = nvidia geforce gtx1070


                  Admittedly reductionist observation here, but very simply put, are those certified or supported graphics cards based on interaction with this page: Graphics Card Drivers | Hardware & System Requirements | SOLIDWORKS ? If they have a certified driver, I'd try that. Personally, I highly doubt that either is, especially the geforce.


                  If either graphics card is onboard with the motherboard (very certain that the Intel is), then it cannot be replaced but perhaps it can be expanded. This echoes David Matula's comments, in that the very best thing you can do is return that laptop and get one that is intended for this purpose.


                  I just know that you do not like this. There is nothing to do about that.

                  Cost of a video card does not matter to your performance of this software. Supported graphics driver matters very much, and that alone. Anything else is guaranteed to create undesired behavior in some manner, which no one can ever do anything to help you with besides replace the hardware. The best you can do with unsupported hardware is take what you get.


                  Otherwise, read SOLIDWORKS | Hardware & System Requirements | SOLIDWORKS before spending money on either hardware or software.

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                      David Matula

                      well said Tom....I get tired of going threw that stuff.  it is a pain even going threw dell to try and build the right computer for SolidWorks.  I have called em and asked them to put a system together for the program and no they wont. I fill out survey after survey saying that it would be great to have a computer setup optimized to SolidWorks would be the best thing to have but no one wants to take the time or thinks that it is worth it.  you should see some of the machines the bosses have picked for me, and some that IT has picked.  Then they wondered why I was taking so long to get stuff done....