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Body Management Features

Question asked by Matt Lombard on Mar 21, 2018

Has anyone else tacked trying to document the body management functions in SolidWorks? It's so convoluted, I keep thinking I must have it wrong.


We have 4 different features which are almost the same, but not:

  • insert part
  • insert into new part
  • split
  • save bodies

I have divided these into push (save bodies and split) and pull (both insert functions) due to where the action originates.


There are a lot of details regarding the similarities and differences between these, but they all have to do with publishing bodies to separate files.


Has anyone taken a shot at classifying these? Is there good and complete info anywhere doing a comparison? For the book I've written an 18 page chapter primarily on these functions called Master Model, but there has to be something more authoritative from SW. Some work with solids and surfaces and some only solids. Some track between parent and child and vice versa, and some only from child to parent. Some can put bodies into existing parts, some can't.


What I'd really like is an explanation of why there are 4 different features, and not just one or two at the max. Or if there is some rational reason why the software really needs all of this variety.