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excel variables disconnecting

Question asked by Joel Seerey on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by Stephen Lapic

I am currently building a new change management process using excell as the basis for the forms and storing them in the vault. i am setting them up so that much of the information in the form also populates epdm variables in the datacard, this is done so that the information is searchable and sortable. currently i have a series of check boxes on the formthat i would like to populate checkboxes on the datacard.


in excel checkboxes return true or false, while in pdm check boxes return 1 or 0. i had overcome this issue by some fun macro's and cell formulas that run upon open to stop circular references. these cells are all on a separate sheet to give a nice clean look.


the major issue i am having is that anytime i edit a box on the datacard it disconnects the entire set of checkbox variables. now my first instinct was to just make the checkboxes on the card read only, but i have the same information on my change request and my change order and would like to be able to pre-populate my change order with the relavant info when a request is approved.


so whats the deal how can i get this form to stop disconnecting itself from the variables?