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What makes Alias more powerful than SolidWorks?

Question asked by Alex Write on Mar 21, 2018


I'm a user of both the SolidWorks and Alias but not in an advanced level. I want to choose one of these industrial design software and get into depth of it.

My designs won't limit to mechanical parts. I will not also simulate anything. My final goal is rendering in KeyShot. Both Alias and Solidworks files can be imported into KeyShot. Models that I wish to model are, Home appliances, Phones, Tablets, Son sorts of Karambit knifes, Crystal vase, Car, etc...

Recently, I tried to model a Karambit knife in Alias but I failed. Alias is a NURBs base software. There isn't good tutorials on Internet about Alias.

Which one of Alias and SolidWorks would give in better quality model?

What are Strength and weak points of each of them?

Can Solidworks produce the same quality of Alias (Class A surfaces)?

Which one should I go with?

Please give me a complete guidance.